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About Us

Our Audiologist

Babette L Verbsky, PhD, CCC-A, FAAA, CH-TM

Licensed Audiologist in Ohio & Kentucky

A Lifetime of Experience

       Dr. Verbsky began practicing clinical audiology in 1991 at a hearing and speech center where her case load was about half children and half adults.  After nearly a decade of clinical practice, she was awarded two training grants to pursue a PhD at The Ohio State University.  Her doctoral dissertation work with hearing aids and hearing protection for hearing-impaired listeners led to a Research Audiologist position at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in Cincinnati, OH.  Dr. Verbsky was the Project Officer for the Hearing-Impaired Worker Study which involved both lab studies and field work.

       Then "life" happened.  In 2004, Dr. Verbsky and her husband adopted two four-year-old children from Russia.  When they discovered the children's needs were greater than expected, Dr. Verbsky left NIOSH to run to doctors' offices and therapy appointments, and later, to home school.  During her home schooling years, she and a friend started a special needs home school co-op, and Mrs. Verbsky's Music Studio became the hub for special needs music lessons.  When their children reached high school, it was decided that they would attend public school.  Dr. Verbsky re-entered the work world, first as a tutor for children with autism, and after some refresher, as a clinical audiologist at a large ENT practice. 

Why This Practice Was Established

       If you have had your hearing tested at an ENT office, it was likely a very quick test with little to no counseling from the audiologist.  You may or may not have gotten help from the physician regarding concerns about tinnitus, hyperacusis, hearing protection, or auditory processing problems.  You needed a professional to take the time to listen to your concerns and to provide you with state-of-the-art information.  Unfortunately, many of you did not get what you needed.  

       Hearing Connections Audiology was created to meet your needs.  We listen to your concerns until you know that you are being heard and understood.  The reason we exist is to help you with your hearing connection needs, whether that includes connecting with other people or helping your ears connect with your brain.  Improving your hearing connections is life changing!

What is SPECIAL about Dr. Verbsky?

        While Dr. Verbsky is happy to help anyone who is experiencing hearing difficulties, she does have advanced knowledge and interest in certain areas of practice.

· Tinnitus. The "CH-TM" in Dr. Verbsky's titles stands for "Certificate Holder in Tinnitus Management." This training also addressed hyperacusis.  Many folks with tinnitus are not unduly bothered by it. However, for the 20% who have bothersome tinnitus, it can be a nightmare. Nothing seems to help. Well, there are research-based, effective management solutions. While there is no cure yet for tinnitus, there are very effective strategies for making it much less bothersome.

· Hyperacusis.  Some people experience distress of different types when exposed to sounds that most other people do not find uncomfortable. This can happen with or without tinnitus, and can be managed well for many people.

· Auditory Processing Disorder. Dr. Verbsky's daughter has ADP, so she has made it her mission to stay up to date with the advances in treatment options.  We often think of school-aged children when discussing APD, but adults of all ages can have these types of difficulties, too. People who have experienced a head injury, blast trauma, or other insults to the brain may find they have problems understanding speech in various listening situations, especially in noise. We do APD Evaluations and Therapy.

· Musicians. Dr. Verbsky is a musician!  Musicians depend on their hearing for their craft; therefore, they have more specific requirements for both hearing protection and amplification. We carry generic and custom Musicians' Earplugs, custom in-ear monitors, and hearing aids that can automatically tell the difference between "classical" and "pop" music!

· Hearing Conservation. Dr. Verbsky has decades of clinical and research experience in hearing conservation.  We provide information and hearing protection for all types of noise exposure.