Give the gift of better hearing. Interest-free financing is available.

See the Difference



We see clients in the lower level of our home. The waiting room does double duty as Mrs. Verbsky's Music Studio - obviously not at the same time, though! When you make your appointment, you will be asked if you like to be around dogs or not. If so, Belle, our old lady White German Shepherd will be glad to make you feel right at home. If not, you will not see or hear her.

Appointment Time Allotments

We are very generous when compared to other settings, so you may relax and take your time asking questions.

See the Difference: In Home Visits (ours or yours)

Because we are located in our home, it keeps overhead costs down, and we pass that savings on to you!  You will find the same premium hearing aids here that you see at other upscale practices, but at a lower price point. 

In-home Visits

For people who need to hear better, but are physically challenged or medically fragile, we offer in-home appointments within a 30-minute radius of our location.  Our audiologic equipment is portable, and we can monitor the noise levels of your quiet room.  Call us to discuss this option.